We Exalt Africa and Captivate Discerning Audiences Worldwide. One Event, Travel Adventure, and Brand Story at a Time

In Africa, luxury looks slightly different than it does in the East or the West. That which moves our hearts doesn’t necessarily shimmer and shine.

In Africa, dramatic venues drop our jaws, and thatch buildings texturize our souls.

Vibrant colors twist to drum beats and long-horned cattle cloud hills. Street artists depict it all on carved wood, canvas, and the upcycling of everyday finds.

It is intoxicating and electric. Soothing and sophisticated. From travel to talent to destination experiences, we introduce you to the real Africa in its luxurious glory.

Whether you’re hoping to plan an immersive African experience, bring your team on an incentive trip they’ll rave about, or want to host a once-in-a-lifetime gathering under the Baobab trees, we elevate your travel to Africa.

Travel to Africa or Invite Visitors to Your High-End African Resort through Compelling Visuals and Brand Storytelling


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"Beyond logistical efficiency, super-friendly customer relations + excellent communication, is the passion for the continent that drives Exalt Africa and their mission to highlight the best that Africa has to offer through culture, music, art, cuisine and experiences. Their carefully curated experiences like Greatest Party of All, are the highlight of my year”.


‘It has truly been an enriching experience collaborating with Mwai and the exceptional team at Exalt Africa on a multitude of diverse projects. What sets Exalt Africa apart is their unwavering commitment to a vision that is consistently bold, refreshingly different, and fearlessly innovative. However, it is not only about stunning visuals, but a visual storytelling with deep meaning. I love how much care, attention and planning goes into each project to make it authentic and meaningful. Mwai's profound love, respect, and connection to her home, Zambia, radiate through every project, down to the smallest details.
One of the remarkable initiatives I had the privilege of being part of is IWESPA—an association meticulously crafted to support and elevate wedding professionals across Zambia and the broader African continent. It not only created a vibrant community for African wedding professionals but also fostered connections with professionals supporting them worldwide. Connecting with photographers from distant corners of the world, listening to their unique journeys, and offering support and mentorship has been a wonderful experience. I will forever cherish the opportunity IWESPA provided to travel to Zambia and meet its members in person; a trip I will never forget.
Exalt Africa, to me, stands for creativity, professionalism, and a genuine passion for making a meaningful impact and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.’


Exalt Africa began as one person’s dreams and ambitions and has evolved into the beating heart of creativity for an entire continent. The brand means many things to many people, however as its core is a belief that the world must, not should, admire and appreciate every ounce of Africa’s capabilities. So much has already been accomplished but what excites me the most is the possibilities ahead for Exalt Africa. This passionate, dedicated and unbelievably hard working team has much to do, and I can’t wait to see them achieve it all and more.


We can’t wait to help you experience the true Africa. Reach out today.
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