Businesses include:
Efie—A boutique online shop brimming with handmade goods, chic finds and home must-haves that hail from African villages and beyond.
Love From Mwai—The destination wedding planner for luxury weddings in Africa and multicultural weddings around the world.
Love From Mwai Experiences—A global travel blog and company inspiring and booking trips to overlooked parts of Africa and bucket-list locations around the world.
IWESPA—The International Weddings and Events Service Providers Association, which is a curated community of high-caliber professionals in the Zambian and international weddings and events industry.
Urbane Designs—Luxury event rentals, design and management services in Zambia for discerning corporations and individuals with distinctive taste who want the finest immersive experience.
Exalt Africa Consultancy – Ambassadorial partnerships, mentoring and education for ambitious African resorts and venues

Much of the world’s understanding of Africa is one-sided. They know the side of her that exists of volunteer efforts, rich resources, poverty and safari trips. But, she is as multi-faceted as she is multicultural.

Luxury exists within her walls. Talent bursts from her borders. Innovation makes its mark in city towers and village stalls. And world wonders boast from plain to plain of natural brilliance.

At Exalt Africa, we help the world esteem Africa with higher regard by connecting clients and customers to products, places, services and talent in Africa or inspired by her people.

We’re the mother brand of a host of businesses and projects founded or collaborated on by Zambian native, Mwai Yeboah.

Promoting a Side of
Africa The World Hasn’t Always Seen

Meet our Founder Mwai Yeboah

Mwai is a Zambian-born dreamer and creative. Her professional bio is stacked with awards and experience that range from luxury wedding and floral design to speaking to tutoring students to being a champion for Africa

But, if you were to meet her, she’d offer you a cup of tea and say, “I’m just Mwai.” And over that cup of tea, you’d come to understand what’s between the lines of that statement. You’d learn who Mwai is and you’d leave understanding a little more about who you are.
Mwai is a wife and mother. She is a woman who chases her passions and believes her dreams can become a reality. She has always believed in people and in Africa, and in doing so she discovered how to believe in herself. Through these beliefs, everything you see here was born.

Favorite Drink: Tea, tea and more tea!
What Others Say: Mwai will lay down her life for others, worry on your behalf and seize your attention as she makes something impossible an easy reality.
When She’s Home Alone: You’ll find her filling notebooks with her ideas, binging on documentaries and books, helping her son with his homework and taste-testing her husband’s culinary creations.

Mwai yeboah

Our team is made up of a diverse crew of employees, freelancers and support staff that expands and contracts depending on the project, event or collaboration, but we’d like to introduce you to our core champions. 

Chibuye Susa “Susa”

Joanna Tosetto “Jojo” 

Meet the Glue that Holds Us Together

Lonah Shawa “Shawa”

Meet the team

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
-African Proverb

Lonah works on all of our events around the world. She is our Head of Events at Love From Mwai, although she wears many hats around here. Lonah’s resume is loaded with on-air appearances, modeling distinction, event success and planning prowess.

Family and friends are two forces that give her life meaning and purpose. She’s caring and creative; introspective and social. Lonah is our paradox that you can’t quite put in a box.

Favorite Drink: Tea, please!
What Others Say: Her loyalty is gold.
When She’s Home Alone: You’ll find her saying a prayer for strength and encouragement or grabbing a pillow, plate of food, comfy spot on the couch and eating until her tummy can’t take it anymore.

Jojo is full of mojo. She’s always working her magic on our content, calendar and creations. Jojo is our Office Manager and Social Media Manager. Like all of us, she is multi-talented and wears many hats. Her training is in events management and she deposits a wealth of insight and skills into many of the Exalt Africa businesses.

Favorite Drink: Tea with fresh mint
What Others Say: She thrives in the midst of chaos and always adds spontaneity and entertainment to life. Her loved ones never go without and you can always depend on her to stand up for you or show up when it counts.
When She’s Home Alone: You’ll find her cooking, baking and singing outloud to unwind from the bustle of life. Either that, or she’s soaking in the bath long past the time of pruned fingers and cold water because she’s immersed in a great show.

Susa is brainy, curious, thoughtful and engineering. She nurtures ideas to fruition and people through celebration. Susa goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable and implement a plan of action that’s going to deliver better results. She is our guest liaison in charge of customer care, support and hospitality. Her resume declares her skillfulness in project management and administration and her volunteer record tells the story of a woman passionate about development, education and community healing.

Favorite Drink: Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!
What Others Say: She embodies “ubuntu” and is always bringing people together, uplifting them or making them feel celebrated with a surprise event.
When She’s Home Alone: You’ll find her as comfortable as she can be with her favorite snack in hand and show on repeat.

Dr. W.W. Chakanika (“Papa Wanga”) dedicated his entire life to uplifting Africa and her people. While he was our founder’s father first and foremost—playing the role of both mum and dad after Mwai lost her mother at a tender age (and refusing to leave her with anyone else throughout her childhood, so much so that she became lovingly referred to as his “handbag”)—he was also a dad to anyone who had the privilege to know him. He was a fierce family man, protector, advocate, and, perhaps most importantly, educator.

He was best known as an unmatched champion of the African education system— and shaping countless minds across Africa as vice chancellor.

Ask any one of his students, and they will all paint beautiful variations of the same picture: his lectures were filled with laughter; he never professed from a book but, rather, from the seemingly infinite knowledge he possessed within his mind and could draw upon at any time; he linked subject-matter to reality, rather than to tests; he taught students about their rights and how to fiercely protect those rights; and if you ever fell off track, he was the first person to encourage you to dig deep within yourself to see through your education and secure the freedoms that came with it.

Passionate, loyal, brilliant, empathetic, encouraging—while all of these words accurately describe Papa Wagna, they still somehow fall short. What, after all, do you call a man who gave countless minds the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve their dreams? Who dedicated his life to uplifting his home country of Zambia and helping the world esteem Africa in higher regard? Who taught our founder to not work for herself, but to work for Africa and all of its people?

We do not know that we’ll ever find one right word to encompass all that Papa Wanga embodied—but what we do know is Africa is forever enriched because of his time on this Earth. It is our honor to carry on his legacy through our work here at Exalt Africa.

Exalt Africa is dedicated to the memory of our founder’s father.


Because of you, Papa Wanga, we are forever inspired to share with the world the potential that lives within Africa’s soil, across her plains, in the hearts and hands of her people, and—perhaps most significantly—in the promise of her minds.

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