Much of the world’s understanding of Africa is one-sided, and they know the side of her that exists of volunteer efforts, rich resources, poverty and safari trips. But, she is as multi-faceted as she is multicultural.

Luxury exists within her walls. Talent bursts from her borders. Innovation makes its mark in city towers and village stalls. And world wonders boast from plain to plain of natural brilliance.

At Exalt Africa, we help the world esteem Africa with higher regard by connecting clients and customers to products, places, services and talent in Africa or inspired by her people.

African Travel and Experiences Reimagined

Our Mission

To promote the unseen side of Africa and charm global audiences with her wonders.

Meet our Founder Mwai Yeboah

Mwai is a Zambian-born dreamer and creative. Her professional bio is stacked with awards and experience that range from luxury wedding and floral design to speaking to tutoring students to being a champion for Africa

But, if you were to meet her, she’d offer you a cup of tea and say, “I’m just Mwai.” And over that cup of tea, you’d come to understand what’s between the lines of that statement. You’d learn who Mwai is and you’d leave understanding a little more about who you are.
Mwai is a wife and mother. She is a woman who chases her passions and believes her dreams can become a reality. She has always believed in people and in Africa, and in doing so she discovered how to believe in herself. Through these beliefs, everything you see here was born.

Favorite Drink: Tea, tea and more tea!
What Others Say: Mwai will lay down her life for others, worry on your behalf and seize your attention as she makes something impossible an easy reality.
When She’s Home Alone: You’ll find her filling notebooks with her ideas, binging on documentaries and books, helping her son with his homework and taste-testing her husband’s culinary creations.

Mwai yeboah


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