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Alternative Wedding Ceremony Ideas


Alternative Wedding Ceremony Ideas: A Unique Clifftop Wedding Ceremony and Glass Chapel Venue at Tirtha Bridal in Bali

The photographs in this blog post were captured by the very talented Stepan Vrzala.

Many couples search for alternative wedding ceremony ideas and are looking for that “one thing” that will set their wedding apart. There are many ways to infuse your unique style and personality into your wedding via traditions, the theme and decor, but one way to set your wedding apart is to select a one-of-a-kind location.

This often goes beyond selecting a beautiful venue or country. There are thousands of beautiful venues and countries throughout the world, therefore, you must really think through the scenery you want to be surrounded by and the backdrop you want for your experience.

Do you love to be surrounded by majestic mountain peaks?

Are you an outdoor lover who adores towering trees and a forest-like atmosphere?

Do sweeping views of the ocean and a tropical climate take your breath away?

When you really dig deep and think through the landscapes that inspire you, it makes the process of narrowing down your venue and coming up with alternate wedding ceremony ideas much easier.

I recently blogged about a unique way to have a water’s edge wedding ceremony by choosing to have the ceremony on a dock rather than a beach.

Another way to have a unique water’s edge ceremony is to have a clifftop ceremony that overlooks the ocean.  My dear friend and renowned photographer Stepan Vrzala recently photographed one at Tirtha Bridal in Bali.

This glass wedding chapel sits atop a southern clifftop in Bali with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean.

Not only is having a clifftop ceremony a unique way to say “I do,” but doing so in a glass castle adds another element of exquisiteness that you and your guests are sure to remember for a lifetime.

This location is particularly unique because it combines so many one-of-a-kind backdrops. You have the sweeping ocean views, the clifftop, the glass chapel and the modern docks that outline the infinity pool.

I hope these images inspire you to think through the landscapes you love and consider the views and backdrop to help you further narrow down the best wedding venues for your ceremony, especially if you’re getting married in Bali, which has so many backdrops to offer.

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