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“If the prey do not produce their version of the tale, the predators will always be theheroes in the story of the hunt,” so goes the opening line of this fascinating andbeautiful novel—and indeed, we come to understand that the “minorities” in its titleare the prey, so often voiceless, who are now precariously recovering their […]

An Orchestra of Minorities by Chigozie Obioma



Here’s Everything You Need to Know Of all the things I’ve produced in my two decades as an event planner and creative director, there is one undertaking that feels like the truest representation of my heart and soul: Fifty Four Magazine. Today, then, I’m so thrilled to share with you the news that Fifty Four […]

Fifty Four Magazine Issue No. 1 Has Officially Launched



This book is one of the most powerful reads I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring.Centred on the idea of accessing your “divine spark,” Idil Ahmed’s Inner Glimpse is aself-help book (though that term hardly does it any justice) that encourages its readerto tap into the innate power of their mind in order to manifest, […]

Inner Glimpse by Idil Ahmed



Ta-Nehisi Coates’ The Water Dancer is a richly descriptive and detailed picture of thehorrors of slavery, the deliberate practice of breaking up families and lovingrelationships, and the psychological trauma this inflicts. At the core of this deeplyemotional novel is the innately human desire for freedom, family, and love—as,through the art of fiction, it tells the […]

The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates



The Postcard is one of my favourite reads from author Zoë Folbigg, who also happensto be a great friend. It’s a sequel to Folbigg’s The Note, which is such a gentle story thatmade all of my worries vanish as I drifted into the imaginary world of its pages. It tellsthe story of a woman named […]

‘The Postcard’ by Zoë Folbigg



Ah, I remember reading this book in secondary school—but, of course, it didn’t quite resonate with me then in the way it does today, through the eyes of an adult who has experienced life and can now appreciate the essence of the great Maya Angelou’s writing. Her recollection of how her child innocence was stolen […]

I know why the caged bird sings



Jamie Holmes’ Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing brings together several different cognitive theories to help understand how different individuals deal with ambiguous information. While some individuals have a high need for context, others are more comfortable when new information doesn’t neatly fit into their current understanding of the world. I found this to be […]

Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing



by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche I am such a big fan of Chimamanda’s books. I have read almost all of her works over the years—but I had yet to read this one (which is her first), so I knew it was time to finally dig into the beloved Purple Hibiscus. If you’ve read summaries of this […]

Purple Hibiscus



Pack “Manifest Now ” by Idil Ahmed to Read on Your Next Trip: A Book Review This is one of the best books I have read, recommended to me by my good friend Stepan. We tend to talk about life and the opportunities we have as blessings from God and the universe—and we often assume […]

Manifest Now By Idil Ahmed



Pack “Yesterday I Cried ” by Iyanla Vanzant to Read on Your Next Trip: A Book Review OHHHH reading this book was such a divine and blessed experience! One of my best friends, Maddy, got it for me. Iyanla is one of my favourite authors and this is one of the most powerful and heartfelt […]

“Yesterday I Cried ” by Iyanla Vanzant