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10 Photoshoot Poses for Your Solo Bridal Shoot


10 Photoshoot Poses Ideas for Your Solo Bridal Shoot

A bridal shoot is a photoshoot that involves only the bride. These shoots usually take place on the same days as your wedding and typically the groom steps aside to give you your moment in front of the camera. 

I don’t know about you, but I love to look at vintage wedding photos of brides on their wedding day or old wedding photos from my ancestors. But as much as these shots are great heirlooms to pass down, they’re also your moment in the sun! It’s your opportunity to express how you feel in this moment in time and capture yourself feeling truly beautiful and magical on one of the best days of your life. 

So when it comes to your bridal shoot, how do you ( or should you) pose? Well, first off, you don’t have to stress about this. Your photographer will gently guide you while also giving you the opportunity to get into your element. 

Don’t get nervous or worry that you’ll be uncomfortable on camera. Just be yourself and think through some of the shots you’d like to get on your day. 

Before we dive into some pose options, my number one tip is to…


This will ensure you look confident, your dress lays better across your body, and that you possess poise and elegance. 

With that in mind, here are 10 solo pose ideas to inspire you with how to pose for your bridal shoot. 

1. With your back to the camera, gently lifting your veil

2. A frontal or profile shot of your veil draped over your face

3. A close up with your hands gently cupped around your neck (eyes looking down or straight at the camera)

4. A close up with one hand draping your hair back at your temple and one gracefully resting on your neck

5. A back shot of your hair with hands resting on the back of your neck

6. Feet shots while softly raising your dress

7. Front shots of you wrapping your arms around your upper and lower body

8. Front and sides shots of you extending your arms and utilizing them

9. Shots of you gathering your veil

10. Shots of you “playing” in your environment and being spontaneous

I hope these images inspired you and got you excited about your own bridal shoot.

If you’re looking for a destination wedding planner and someone to help you have a luxurious, at-ease wedding , I’d love to hear about your wedding vision and see how I can help you bring it to life. Reach out to me via my contact page (which is linked below). 


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Happy Planning!

Location: Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia
Photography Credits: Stepan Vrzala |

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