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Federica Ambrosini’s Floral Masterclass | Monza, Italy


What Attending Federica Ambrosini’s Floral Masterclass Was Like and a Glimpse at the Remarkable Venue

A couple months ago, I had the honor of attending Federica Ambrosini’s Floral Masterclass in Monza, Italy. First of all, Monza is the most charming city. I was taken with its ancient architecture and the fact that there’s so much to see. It was lovely to discover new places.

The Hotel de La Ville where we stayed was a genuine luxury. It’s such a beautiful place! They provide warm, top-of-the-line customer service and every amenity you could possibly need. Every room was elegant and filled with timeless antique furnishings and 19th century charm. From the most luxurious bedding to whimsical, period-era decor to lush historic draperies, the hotel brims with impeccable taste.

Opposite the hotel is the neo-classical Royal Palace, so it’s absolutely situated in a prime location with beautiful views and breathtaking glimpses.

The restaurant was amazing and the food absolutely divine. I am such a foodie and delight in trying new things and savoring every bite. We dined at The Derby Grill, which is one of the most renowned, well-loved hot spots in the Lombardy region.

The Derby Grill is elegant, quiet and has such a warm and luxurious ambiance. I truly experienced a gourmet meal and fine Italian cuisine thanks to their talented chef and selection of high quality produce. They also offer a remarkable wine list.

Roberto was the perfect Italian host, which made me want to linger a little longer and also come back again soon.

I’ve attended a number of floral masterclasses and the reason I keep doing so is because I love learning and enhancing my skills as a designer, so I can offer my wedding clients a complete luxurious experience.

Federica’s masterclass was lovely! She’s truly come into her own as a floral designer. The last time I saw her, she was a student working towards her dreams and it was a treat to sit under her tutelage and experience how she has grown.

I had a fun time meeting other designers and forging new friendships. I also got to see industry friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. It’s always a privilege to connect with others in the industry and wonder where and how our paths will cross again. I already know I’ll see Martini – a very talented florist –  in the Czech Republic soon and am excited for our lifelong friendship.

Here are all the vendors who made the masterclass ever so special and their Instagram handles, so you can check them out for yourself:

Photo & Video @varnastudios 
LOCATION @gli_eventi_di_villarealemonza
Dress @alessandroangelozzicouture 
FLOWER SUPPLIER: @gfreshflowers@meijerroses @parfum_flower_company
BANKS BAR AND TABLE DESIGN@stardomesallestimenti 
OPEN BAR @lear_gourmet_relais 
BUBBLES @gruppomeregalli 
TOVAGLIE @nuagedesignsinc 
SERVICE AUDIO/LUCI @blunotteventi 
BAND @goldsingersofficial 
COMMUNICATION @daruma_for_wedding 
CAKE DESIGNER @dolcealicecakes 
PLANNER SUPPORT: @dianadaros 
FLOWER SUPPORT: @fiordifragolastyle 
WELCOME BOX @scatolificio_venturi_srl 
CONFETTI @ernestobrusavarese 
JEWELRY @alicesambenati 
COCKTAILS @niococktails
Accommodation: @hoteldelavillemonza

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