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Manifest Now By Idil Ahmed


Pack “Manifest Now ” by Idil Ahmed to Read on Your Next Trip: A Book Review

This is one of the best books I have read, recommended to me by my good friend Stepan. We tend to talk about life and the opportunities we have as blessings from God and the universe—and we often assume they are out of our hands, but I love that this book speaks about our attention as “more powerful than currency” and empowers us to use that attention to manifest our own reality, rather than being at the whim of whatever comes up on any given day.

This read is definitely food for the soul! It is grounded in spiritual, mental, and physical growth. As a whole, it covers all aspects of life that I think people typically want to improve on. The focus on the spiritual energy that you put out—and being in harmony with yourself, as opposed to being spiritual in a religious sense—is something that has shifted the way I look at life in a number of ways.

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