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Microwedding versus Elopement


Microweddings versus Elopements: Which is Right for You?

In the world of COVID-19, I absolutely love that couples are searching for safe and meaningful ways to celebrate their story, rather than giving up on the idea of a wedding all together. As smaller guest lists are suddenly a given—and as massive celebrations are replaced with intimate microweddings and elopements alike—you might find yourself wondering: Which option is right for us?

Today, then, I wanted to talk a bit about both types of intimate affairs and, most importantly, help you decide which celebration speaks to your personal preferences. Let’s dive in…

Wait—what’s the difference between hosting a microwedding and eloping?

Ah, I’m so glad you asked! Ultimately, a microwedding is a small, intimate wedding with a guestlist of no more than 50 people. It’s just like a traditional wedding—think: ceremony, reception, dreamy design details, late-night dancing—but with fewer people present. Microweddings are all about quality over quantity.

An elopement, on the other hand, typically involves just you and your partner tying the knot (often in a dreamy locale) without others knowing until after you’ve said I do. You can still have stunning design elements and professional photography for an elopement, but you won’t have more than a few (if any) guests present and, as such, won’t have the need for a traditional wedding reception after your ceremony.

You might prefer to elope if…

  1. You enjoy the element of surprise.

Perhaps the biggest difference between a microwedding and an elopement is the fact that elopements are typically kept a secret and only revealed after a couple has whisked away and tied the knot. If you’re someone who enjoys surprising loved ones with exciting news, a heart-felt elopement—followed by an celebratory social-media announcement—might be right up your alley.

  1. You prefer to keep things between the two of you.

If you’re someone who treats their relationship like a secret, sacred club—and who loves the feeling of holding something close to the chest that only the two of you know about, an elopement will likely speak your language. Because couples typically don’t let others know about their elopement until after they’ve been married, the elopement planning process becomes an extraordinarily special thing that just the two of you share, which can serve to strengthen your bond.

  1. You like all things low-key and stress-free.

Keeping the planning process between you and your partner significantly reduces the stress that often arises from outside opinions and the “too many cooks in the kitchen” phenomenon. If you believe a wedding is only about—and should only be for—the two of you, elopement planning will provide the intimacy you enjoy, without the pressure and overwhelm that often comes as a result of allowing family, wedding party members, and close friends in on the planning process.

You might prefer to plan a microwedding if…

  1. You’re terrible at keeping things a surprise.

While some enjoy keeping secrets, for others, the pressure of keeping something so important from family and friends can feel like an unwanted weight on their chest. If the latter describes you (read: the thought of keeping a surprise party a secret from its guest of honor makes you break out in hives)—you might be better off planning a microwedding rather than stressing yourself out trying to keep an elopement a secret.

  1. You want to share your celebration with close loved ones.

If you can’t fathom the idea of tying the knot without your close friends and family by your side, a microwedding is probably a better option for you than an elopement. While you might have a few people present at your elopement, once you get into the territory of 10 or more guests, you’re really looking at a microwedding. If you have friends and family who are incredibly important to your love story—and who you feel need to be there to celebrate it in person with you—you’ll likely want to opt for an intimate mircrowedding rather than a surprise elopement.

  1. You prefer to plan ahead—and you love pretty parties.

If you’ve been Pinning dreamy design details—like floral chandeliers and letterpress escort cards—for months now and can’t imagine a celebration that doesn’t include those items, you might be more of a microwedding person than an elopement person. With a microwedding, you have more opportunities to work in immersive design elements—and you’ll get to plan a stunning reception for your guests.

Ready for some seriously stunning inspiration as you plan an intimate affair? Come along and let’s lose ourselves in these striking images from Tuscany.

Until next time,
stay well and happy planning!

Photography Credits:
Stepan Vrzala |

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