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A Palais Liechtenstein Wedding with Karen Tran Floral Arrangements and Designs


Palais Liechtenstein Wedding | The electrifying anticipation of a wedding always rushes through me and I still get just as excited to kick off the day as I did when I first entered this amazing industry. That same passionate energy tripled for the latest wedding I had the honour of being a part of in Vienna, Austria.

Once again, I had the honour of working with renowned floral wedding designer Karen Tran and a talented team of delightful wedding suppliers at the most luxurious wedding venue, Palais Liechtenstein.

A Palais Liechtenstein Wedding

Palais Liechtenstein is located in the heart of Vienna and boasts two princely palaces with elegant state rooms. The palace dazzles the eyes and moves the heart with its grandiose presence and rich art treasures displayed in all of their former glory.

The moment my shoes clicked along the very floors royals once walked, I was drawn into the wonder and majesty of it all. The palace has been around for more than 300 years and is still privately owned by the princely family of Liechtenstein.

It hosts highly exclusive events, one of which being this white and gold wedding designed to perfection with Karen Tran flowers.

Three Separate Rooms Accentuated with White Roses, Orchids, and Hydrangeas

When the backdrop of a wedding is as magnificent as the Palais Liechtenstein, you’re merely adding touches of romance with an abundance of fresh flowers and accentuating the beauty that already exists in the space.

Thousands of lively and full white roses, orchids, and hydrangeas were supplied by Rosa Prima Roses (Ecuadorian breeder of some of the world’s most luxurious roses),  Piet Van Kampen ( fine floral supplier for several royal families), and Tambuzi Roses ( a sustainable rose grower who’s perfected garden scented and David Austin roses).

Palais Liechtenstein Wedding

For this romantic and luxurious white and gold wedding, there was a dancing room, ceremony room, and reception room. Each room had its own inspiration and design vision behind it which Karen meticulously designed and outlined for her couple.

Let me give you a tour.

The Ceremony Room

The gold floor glistened and Karen highlighted its richness by designing a pristine white floral aisle.

Palais Liechtenstein Wedding

She designed the bespoke floral trees with orchids that bowed in every which direction to create miniature canopies and mesmerizing whimsy.

The Reception Room (and Catering)

Palais Liechtenstein Wedding

Following the ceremony, guests entered the expansive reception room for a royal fine dining experience catered by the extremely talented Motto Catering whose divine dishes and impressive staff delighted guests.

The vintage gilded decor, remarkable chandelier, and high renaissance ceiling art provide a dreamy canvas for which Karen was thrilled to design around.

Palais Liechtenstein Wedding

The Dancing Room

For the dancing room, the remarkably artistic, bespoke floral trees were dotted around the room for more romance and whimsy.

Palais Liechtenstein Wedding

Karen, of course, upleveled the dj area and covered the front of the table with a full floral front. She also created a floral arch to create a focal point for the entertainment.

Palais Liechtenstein Wedding
Palais Liechtenstein Wedding

Sprinkling Some Romance Along the Stairs

Hedges of soft petals were added along each side of the staircase to soften the textured appearance of the historic sculptures and add a touch of delicate femininity.

Palais Liechtenstein Wedding

Every room was ravishing and radiant. It was the epitome of a Karen Tran wedding ceremony.

The Cake

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium—one of Cake Masters’ top ten cake artists—designed this white and gold, renaissance inspired luxury wedding cake, which we were all in awe of.

This multiple tiered cake also featured real florals and towered like a delicious beacon of divinity that one felt guilty cutting into.

Palais Liechtenstein Wedding

The Photography

Luxury wedding and lifestyle photographer Eva Tarnok captured all of these fine art photographs that you see here. Her eye for detail, angles, and capturing the right shot is mindblowing. Every time I look at these images, I’m truly transported back to each remarkable moment.

Palais Liechtenstein Wedding

Communication, Logistics, and Coordination

For this wedding, my role was communication, logistics, and coordination between Karen’s design team and the rest of the wedding suppliers. It was a privilege to work alongside them in such a prestigious and truly splendid setting.

Here are the Wedding Supplier Credits:

Venue | @palaisliechtenstein
Wedding Designer | @karentranevents
Communication, Logistics, & Coordination | @lovefrommwai
Florals | @rosaprimaroses ; @gfreshpiet ; and @tambuziroses
Photographer | @evatarnok
Cake | @elizabethscakeemporium
Catering | @mottocatering

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