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Wedding Inspiration: A Yacht Club Wedding in the USA


As my regular readers will know, I work very closely with Stepan Vrzala—fine art wedding photographer and my dear friend—on a number of projects and weddings, so I love to feature the work he does as well as share what we’re up to.

This is a beautiful wedding Stepan photographed at the Corinthian Essex Yacht Club in Essex, Connecticut in the United States. I loved the nautical elements and yacht wedding inspiration ideas, so I wanted to feature it for you all.

Wedding Inspiration for a Yacht Club Wedding

Those looking for inspiration for a nautical themed or yacht club wedding often wonder how to decorate. My number one tip here is:

Use Your Natural Surroundings And the Authentic Venue

The thing about a yacht club wedding is: it’s at a yacht club! So, you want to pick a club that already has an authentic and beautiful venue space. The water, sail boats and yachts, lighthouses, and docks naturally create the ambiance and aesthetic you’re going for so you want to tap into that for your wedding photos, cocktail hour, ceremony, reception, and more.

Notice how Stepan did that in the images below. The couple is captured on the dock. You see the water, boats, and lighthouse in the background.

The wedding ceremony took place on the water’s edge and, for the reception, you can see people on the yacht club’s veranda overlooking the waters.

yacht club wedding
yacht club wedding
yacht club wedding
yacht club wedding

Luxurious Nautical Tablescape and Yacht Club Decor Ideas

When it comes to your decor, I wouldn’t go overboard on the nautical theme because if you go too far, you can cause your wedding aesthetic to look a bit cheesy and less luxurious. Maybe throw in a rustic oar as a “table runner” for long tables and pair it with lots of fresh flowers, greenery, and some candles.

You can also use boat rope to add some texture throughout your ceremony or reception. Perhaps, you use it to create the aisle for the ceremony or use it paired with some florals for a really beautiful floral wall and photo backdrop opportunity for your guests.

You can also throw in some boats in a glass bottle to decorate your dessert or cake table or even as centerpieces for your dinner tables.

Really—to keep your wedding luxurious and upscale—the key is to throw in some neutral coloured elements to add texture, but to keep it minimal.

Again, highlight the beautiful elements of your venue space and location, because it already has that yacht club vibe and ambiance.

In the cake cutting image below, you’ll see how the cake table doesn’t really have any nautical decor on it. It has a beautiful large vase and florals which helps keep the design luxurious.

yacht club wedding
yacht club wedding
yacht club wedding

There you have it. Those are some really simple ways you can create a luxurious yacht club wedding.

Photography Credits:

Stepan Vrzala |

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