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“Yesterday I Cried ” by Iyanla Vanzant


Pack “Yesterday I Cried ” by Iyanla Vanzant to Read on Your Next Trip: A Book Review

OHHHH reading this book was such a divine and blessed experience! One of my best friends, Maddy, got it for me. Iyanla is one of my favourite authors and this is one of the most powerful and heartfelt books I have ever read. It is so raw and honest. The cherry on top of this book for me was this line:

“Joyful tears spring forth from my heart and allow me to stand straight.
Joyful tears move up the spine and across the brain and bring you to a new perspective and a new understanding that the sad tears were necessary, that each tear was a prayer, that tomorrow will be better than today. Joyful tears free you up to celebrate yourself, your healing, and your progressive process.”

Iyanla shares her personal experiences in this book as she unpacks rejection, abandonment, death, neglect and abuse.

She states, “As I tell my story, there are places and pieces that other people can tap into so that they may somehow find the courage to revisit their own experiences, bring forth the tears, and grow into their greatness. Even when it seems that your life is falling apart, there is divine restoration going on.”

This book is full of so much wisdom and powerful insight. I truly felt like I healed and processed past pain by merely turning the pages and tapping into her experiences just like she shared.

This book demonstrates just how powerful sharing your journey and story is. I had moments of everything: reflection, joy, sadness, peace, and laughter!

Yesterday I Cried is a very detailed story about one woman’s struggle through some of life’s most difficult and tough situations but it is definitely not a mood downer! It is full of hope, faith, forgiveness and healing. If you’re in need of any of those things (which most of us are!) or love reading about how others overcome personal struggles with tremendous hope, this book is for you!

Grab a copy of ““Yesterday I Cried ” by Iyanla Vanzant” at your favorite local bookstore, library or on Amazon here.

Happy Reading!

Watch for more must-pack books and reviews soon.

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