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Fifty Four Magazine Issue No. 1 Has Officially Launched


Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Of all the things I’ve produced in my two decades as an event planner and creative director, there is one undertaking that feels like the truest representation of my heart and soul: Fifty Four Magazine. Today, then, I’m so thrilled to share with you the news that Fifty Four has officially launched! Read on to learn what this publication is all about and why I’m positive it will leave you swooning for all of the splendour Africa and her artists have to offer.

What is Fifty Four Magazine?

Simply put, Fifty Four Magazine is a mecca of African culture. It is a celebration of the beauty, authenticity, and creativity of Africa. With jaw-dropping editorials produced in African countries by and with African creatives, insightful interviews with African celebrities and artists, and cultural insights on everything from modern African fashions to her ancient tribes—this publication is all about shedding light on the excellence and artistry that exists, not just within Africa’s borders, but within those who are a part of her diaspora across the globe.

Fifty Four Magazine is certainly about the stunning—its glossy pages are full of compelling imagery, jaw-dropping fashions, and, yes, beautiful people. But beneath its stunning surface, the magazine exists to pay homage to—and preserve—Africa’s many distinct cultures by exposing readers around the globe to a true and authentic story of Africa.

Why did you create Fifty Four Magazine?

As someone who spent two decades bringing high-end events to Africa, I had first-hand experience of just how misunderstood my home was outside of its borders. People knew of her safaris, her volunteer opportunities, her villages—but everyone from clients to fellow creatives always seemed shocked to learn Africa was home to a booming creative scene, five-star accommodations, and luxe experiences.

The world didn’t seem to know or understand that a truly unreal amount of luxury and artistry existed within the African diaspora. I always knew my life’s calling was to expose this side of Africa to the world—and bringing destination weddings and events to Africa was just the start. I wanted to do more, to work with a broader team, to create something that couldn’t be ignored…and, in 2022, the stars aligned and that “something” became Fifty Four Magazine.

So, I guess you could say I created Fifty Four Magazine to act as an answer to the countless generations of misrepresentation and mischaracterization Africa has been the victim of in the global public eye.

What is Fifty Four Magazines Mission?

Our mission is to preserve and showcase Africa’s culture and lifestyle, connecting people to their past, present, and future. As a leading observer of the cultural and creative scene, we highlight the excellence and exuberance across Africa.

How often is Fifty Four Magazine published?

We publish Fifty Four every quarter—or four times per year.

What kind of content will Fifty Four publish?

Each issue of Fifty Four Magazine has its own distinct theme. The theme of the Issue No. 1 is “Now You See Me,” a phrase that encapsulates everything I wanted this publication to stand for: shedding light on the unseen, recharacterizing the mischaracterized, replacing tired narratives of a land of poverty with a much truer story of African excellence and artistry. In short, it’s about representing ourselves. Now you see us.

Within each issue, you can expect lifestyle, fashion, culture, and entertainment content. We sit down for interviews with African chefs and celebrities, offer behind-the-scenes peeks at Africa’s finest hotels, share our favourite African beauty rituals, round up our must-read books from African authors, dive into the history of ancient traditions and tribes, and so (so!) much more. 

Some of our favourite pieces from Issue No. 1 include:

  • Africa Fashion Week: London has Left the Chat!
  • When Looking Good Becomes Second Nature
  • The Elephant in the Room: The Beauty, Allure, and Vulnerability of the African Woman 
  • Now You See Me: with Former Miss Universe 2019 and Actress, Zozibini Tunzi
  • Get to know Ethiopia’s Suri and Kara people

Where can I purchase my copy?

Great question! You can purchase your copy of Fifty Four Magazine here. Fifty Four will also be available for purchase in select stores in the U.S., U.K., South Africa, Zambia, Canada, France, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates.

Your support means the world to me—and to the entire Fifty Four team—as we work to expose African excellence to the world.

I can’t wait for you to see and savour all that Fifty Four has in store!

Get your online copy of Fifty Four Mag Issue No. 1 here, xoxo

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