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You’ve Just Discovered Your New Favorite “Non-guilty” Pleasure. 

Inner Glimpse by Idil Ahmed


This book is one of the most powerful reads I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring.
Centred on the idea of accessing your “divine spark,” Idil Ahmed’s Inner Glimpse is a
self-help book (though that term hardly does it any justice) that encourages its reader
to tap into the innate power of their mind in order to manifest, heal, overcome, and

It’s a bit “law-of-attraction,” a bit “power of the mind,” and a whole heap of turning
the knowledge we already have within us into the kind of action and lessons that can
transform your life. More than anything else, this is a guide to self-empowerment, a
roadmap for accessing your full inner potential, a bible of sorts for creating a life that
serves you.

Ahmed shows you that you already have the codes you need; you simply need to learn
how to access, engage, and employ them to your benefit—which is exactly what the
book teaches you to do. I espeically appreciated how it was broken down into four
main realms: Self Mastery (a 15-day program that helps you access and increase your
inner power); 5 Powerful Methods (methods you can employ daily to help you shift
your perspective and reap the benefits that happen as a result), Inner Glimpse
Affirmations (100 affirmations that carry with them such a powerful brand of energy
and empowerment); and Inner Glimpse Daily Thoughts (30 thoughts you can revisit
regularly to help you acknowledge and access your inner potential).

On every page for me was a revelation. The book was teeming with the kind of insight
and information that made me feel like less and less of a passenger—and more and
more in control—with every passing word. I walked away deeply empowered, with a
stronger sense of self and autonomy, and not only ready—but incredibly excited —to
employ its deeply compelling teachings in my everyday life.

Watch for more must-pack books and reviews soon.

Find your copy here xx

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