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How to Have a Paris Elopement Wedding Like a French Woman


As more and more couples lean towards a simplified approach to their weddings and yearn to elope, Paris has much to offer. Keep reading to find out how to plan your perfect Paris elopement wedding.

With its historic architecture, infamous Eiffel Tower, bistros and stone bridges, there is no shortage of wedding backdrops for discerning couples and wedding photographers.

At the heart of a simplified destination wedding is:

  • subtle beauty
  • natural backdrops and landscapes
  • the presence of heart and mind
  • lovely travel destinations that become the location for the wedding ceremony and honeymoon…

and Paris has all of that and more.

To have a beautiful and simplified Parisian elopement wedding, one can take a cue from the iconic “French woman” and keep every aspect effortlessly chic.

While this brief list is in no way exhaustive of how to plan and design an elopement wedding in Paris, here are some top tips to form the basis of your approach and get you started.

5 Simplified Tips for How to Plan a Parisian Elopement Wedding Like a French Woman

Find an “Effortless” Venue

Like any wedding, your venue is key to creating the ambiance and aesthetic you desire to have. When it comes to eloping, you’ll want a venue that already has most of the key elements you want for your wedding. Look for venues with beautiful architecture, pristine gardens, elegant lighting and the fixtures you want as staples for your design. 

This way, you won’t have to bat an eye about how you’ll transform the visual design. You want an effortless venue that looks chic because someone else already put in a lot of work towards the design and style of the space.

Take Photographs Near Landmarks and Pick an Adventurous Photographer

Now, many Parisian women might be so used to seeing the infamous landmarks that they don’t take their wedding photos next to them, but this tip is especially for you—the traveler. Because you’re getting married in Paris as much for its culture as for its backdrops.

Most iconic landmarks like the Eifle Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral are public spaces so it can be very difficult (if not impossible) to rent them out for a private event. You can, however, get lots of pictures around them which provides stunning backdrops that already exist for your wedding photography. 

Pick a photographer who is adventurous and is happy to travel with you to some of these national monuments and be sure to get some iconic shots you can show off and treasure for years to come.

Skip the Rehearsal Dinner and Plan a Morning-After Brunch

According to an article in Vogue, French couples don’t host a rehearsal dinner but put a significant emphasis on the morning-after brunch.  Rosé flows in abundance and this brunch is an opportunity to debrief on the wedding and share all of the fun moments and stories from the night before.

 Even if you’re eloping as a couple without family or friends, take this opportunity to book a lovely brunch and the day after your wedding and relish in your new life as a married couple.

Indulge at the Spa

Parisian brides don’t often focus on “shedding for the wedding” by ramping up their gym sessions, but they do place an emphasis on glowing skin and extra spa treatments and facials. You can start indulging at home and then as a lovely treat to yourself prior to your destination wedding, book a spa treatment at a Parisian spa. This could be anything from a full treatment to a facial, but no matter how minimal or extensive, use it as a way to treat yourself.

Keep Your Look Fresh

Whether cliche, somewhat true or a great marketing campaign that’s spanned decades, we’re fascinated with the French look and style. This style is known for its au naturel beauty, neutral and nude colour palette and romantic wisps of hair that frame the face or gently fall from chic updo. Keep your look fresh and apply light makeup for a flowy and less structured look.

BONUS TIP: Research the legal requirements for a civil ceremony. Having a legal wedding ceremony in France requires that you live in France for 40 consecutive days near your wedding location. You can look up the full legal requirements, but because there are some hoops to jump through, many couples have a symbolic ceremony in Paris and their civil ceremony at home.

If you’re looking for a Paris elopement wedding planner and designer, I would love to hear all about your wedding. Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page.

Photography Credits: Stepan Vrzala

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