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Let Your Inner Sultry Shine with a Tasteful Pre-Wedding Bridal Boudoir Shoot


She’s in there—that sultry and confident woman who’s ready to live dangerously in the face of her fears and step with wreckless abandon into who she’s always been. And a trending and empowering way to give tribute to her is with a boudoir bridal shoot in pretty lingerie and a setting that sets your soul alight.

A bridal boudoir shoot is a beautiful way to celebrate self-love and give an authentic gift of love to your new groom.

A pre-wedding boudoir shoot is an excellent opportunity for you to throw off your planning hat and all the to-dos and pressures that may have dimmed your glow and vitality during the process. It’s a way for you to revitalize the true woman within and pay tribute to your beauty and strength in its natural and self-accepted form. 

A boudoir shoot can help you get back in touch with your playful and sultry side prior to stepping down the aisle which can have a positive impact on how present you stay on your wedding day and how awake you are to the wonder and exhilaration of it.

These boudoir photographs of you also make an alluring and seducingly surprising wedding gift for your groom. Many brides give an album of their professional boudoir photographs to their groom on their wedding day and watch his eyes dance across each image as he sees his soon-to-be-wife full of confidence, beauty, and strength. When you’ve found someone who loves you whether you look your best or worst, you have a keeper and he’ll love seeing you in all of your beautiful fierceness and free expression.

5 Tips for Having a Tasteful Bridal Boudoir Pre-Wedding Shoot You Fall in Love With

When it comes to having a bridal boudoir shoot, you want it to look tasteful, professional and editorial; like it came straight from the pages of Vogue. Here are a few tips to help you feel graceful and glamorous: 

  1. Choose an upstanding photographer you trust—When it comes to a boudoir shoot, you may feel a bit of natural discomfort, but your photographer shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable or give you an icky pang in your stomach by suggesting shots that are more revealing or exposing than you’d like. Select a photographer you trust—whose work you find tasteful and remarkable—so you know you’ll be treated with professionalism on the shoot and love your images after. Stepan Vrzala shot these bridal boudoir images and they have a striking and timeless editorial look (plus he’s an amazing human being).
  2. Have your hair and makeup professionally done—Get your hair and makeup professionally done. Use this as an opportunity to look and feel every bit like a model about to embark on her debut shoot. When your hair and makeup are professionally done, you’ll feel so much more confident in front of the camera and you’ll treat it like an extension of your wedding photography, which may help take some of the nerves away.
  3. Don’t “put it off” or think “If I lose weight, then I’ll do it”—Embrace who you are at this moment, how your groom loves you today, and what you have to offer this world as you are in your current state. All of our bodies change and grow with the seasons of life, so take this as an opportunity to silence self-criticism or doubt and honour your inner and outer beauty without comparison.
  4. Do choose something sexy, but tasteful—There’s something beautifully sultry about “wondering what’s underneath” rather than revealing all that’s underneath, so choose lingerie that’s slightly revealing but teases a little, demonstrating that there are certain places of beauty for your eyes and your lover’s only.
  5. Do select a location that inspires you and aligns with your authentic self—Whether you pose in a bedroom setting as morning light streams across your face or at an outdoor backdrop like the beach, choose a setting that’s representative of who you are. Are you a wild adventurer? A homebody who loves intimate spaces? Or a city girl who loves the bustle of a busy street? Select a location that will inspire you and fan your inner flame so you’re propelled to step outside of your comfort zone and rock the world.

If you’re a bride looking for a wedding planner and designer who helps you plan every element of your wedding (even the fun stuff like this) or a venue looking for a bridal boudoir editorial shoot designer, I would love to hear all about it. Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page.

Photography Credits: Stepan Vrzala

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