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A Minimalist Prague Wedding with Real Fruit Tree Decor


Real Wedding Inspiration: A Minimalist Prague Wedding with Real Fruit Tree Decor for Health and Fitness Lovers

“The simplest things are often the truest.”
-Richard Bach, 1936

Sometimes, all it takes is a little real wedding inspiration to spark ideas about what’s possible for your wedding, especially if you want to plan something super luxurious but also minimal. This wedding strips away a lot of the over-the-top design elements I often share and highlights elements that are both simple and true.

The wedding images I’m about to unveil to you are perfect if you love simplicity, plants and charm. If you’re a newly engaged couple who values whole foods, fitness, and health, this is one of the most creative and beautiful ways I’ve seen thus far to integrate your passions into your wedding vision.

If you’re looking for alternate floral wedding ideas or unique lighting options, this wedding brims with them. 

Let’s talk about three really unique things this couple did to keep their wedding minimal and authentic: 

Plants and Fruit Trees as Decor

Inna and Ondrej kept their Prague wedding simple and beautiful by utilizing real fruit trees as decor elements sprinkled throughout their wedding marque. They also used an abundance of greenery within their centerpieces with hints of white roses. If you’re a plant-based or vegan couple who’s passionate about nature and health, this is a great way to weave your values and personality into your wedding. 

Light Posts for Lighting and Decor 

These light posts not only functioned as lighting for their wedding marque, but they also functioned as decor accents. I’m immediately reminded of the infamous light post in the movie The Chronicles of Narnia when I look at these images, which stirs up feelings of whimsy and charm. This is a unique way to add bright lighting that’s versatile.

Hanging Glass Bulbs

Inna and Ondrej incorporated clear glassware into their wedding design to keep a really clean, simple and elegant aesthetic.  These hanging glass tea light bulbs look beautiful with lit, tea light candles in them, but these bulbs can also be turned into miniature plant terrariums by adding a little bit of soil and a small cactus or plant, which is also perfect for the greenery and nature-loving couples out there. As a bonus, you can also gift the terrariums to guests as a wedding favor, so this is a great way to simplify your budget and gift-giving by opting for decor that functions as gifts as well.

Another way that Inna and Ondrej kept their wedding minimal is by really utilizing the beautiful backdrop that is Zofin Island in Prague, which is officially called Slovansky Ostrov. 

Notice how they posed in front of the water, sculptures and already-existing landscapes? By taking advantage of the location where you get married, you ensure you have stunning wedding photography even if you don’t necessarily host your ceremony or reception in front of those sites.

As an international wedding planner and designer, I love featuring stunning wedding images that inspire and helping newly engaged couples find unique ways to integrate their values into their wedding. 

If you’re looking for wedding planning packages in Prague, London, or anywhere else around the world, I’d love to chat! Please reach out to me via my contact page.

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Happy Planning!

Photography Credits:

Stepan Vrzala |

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