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Women Designer Wedding Shoes: A Love From Mwai Collaboration


Must-See Women Designer Wedding Shoes: A Love From Mwai and JANIKO Italian Shoes Collaboration

If you’ve spent time around my blog or on my Instagram pages, you know I love fashion, especially when it’s beautiful, functional and high-end. And I especially love fashionable shoes!

I’ve known about JANIKO—a luxury, handmade, Italian shoe designer—for some time and from the moment I discovered them, I was in love with their designs and super inspired by the female, powerhouse sisters who founded the company. 

Over a year ago, I reached out to them to see if they’d be interested in collaborating on women designer wedding shoes that were different than everything else on the market. I wanted something edgy, artistic, luxurious and fun. 

I wanted to collaborate on a collection of designer wedding pumps, wedding flats and wedding booties inspired by the female powerhouses in my life. 

The JANIKO founders Janeta & Nicoleta Surilathe also wanted to design handmade, designer bridal heels so the collaboration was serendipitous.  Over a year ago, we began the process. 

We talked, dreamed, brainstormed, and Janeta & Nicoleta poured their hearts and creativity into the designs. Then, I hopped on a plane and we reviewed sample designs and finalized more details. 

I am SO excited to introduce you to the designer Italian wedding shoes in the JANIKO for Mwai Collection. As I do so, I’ll also introduce you to the women who inspired what I believe are the best wedding shoes out there. Of course, I’m biased 😉

It’s my hope that as I introduce you to the women and the wedding flats, bridal heels and bridal boots you’ll find your kindred soul or shoe.


Designer wedding shoes Inspired by the unique personalities of the modern bride in a way that truly ensures the shoe fits. These are trendy, luxurious bridal shoes with a twist.

Each luxury bridal shoe is named after five important women in my life and designed with her in mind.

The Claire – Bridal Boots

Made for the bold go-getter with an insatiable drive to innovate and crack glass ceilings, The Claire is a shoe that fits the “independent” and “confident” high achievers of the world. It’s the perfect fit for the one who’s not afraid of trial and error and blazing new trails.

The Elina – Open Toe Bridal Heels

Made for the poised and mature connoisseur with excellent taste, The Elina is a shoe that fits the polished indulgers of the world. It’s the perfect fit for the one who explores, critics and perpetually refines.

The Holly – Open Toe Bridal Heels

Made for the spontaneous wanderers with avant-garde ideas, natural leanings and unconventional inklings, The Holly is a shoe that fits the musical, literary, artistic and spiritual seekers of the world. It’s the perfect fit for the one who’s not afraid to buck the status quo, kick off her heels and walk barefoot through life.

The Sophie – Ballerina Bridal Shoes

Made for the natural dreamer with a head full of romantic ideas and happy endings, The Sophie is a shoe that fits the “idealists” and “hopeless romantics” of the world. It’s the perfect fit for the one who’s old-fashioned at heart and loyal to the core.

The Sarah – Closed Toe Bridal Heels

Made for the philosophical thinkers and intellectuals who long for mental stimulation and a good debate, The Sarah is a shoe that fits the “improvers” and “optimizers” of the world. It’s the perfect fit for the one with a wealth of knowledge and depth of character who’s always ready to listen and learn.

I cannot thank Janeta & Nicoleta of JANIKO enough. Words fail and I am forever grateful to their partnership for making such a longed-for dream of mine come true. Their passion, commitment and talent inspires me every day and I am truly honoured to have worked alongside them. 

I also cannot thank Amy of The Timeless Stylist enough! Amy was the editorial shoot stylist and planner for the shoe shoot and she truly was a godsend. She handled everything and I was so at ease. I could truly be in the moment and immersed in the culmination of all of our hard work and it was truly a gift to me. Everything was stunning and seamless. 

And of course, I must thank my dear friend, photographer Eva Tarnok. She photographed our designer wedding shoes and I think the pictures are worth a thousand words—truly! I knew she’d perfectly capture these shoes and I could not be more in love with the photos.

Once available for sale in April 2020, these online wedding shoes will be shipped to you in a luxurious, protective box. 

I’m curious—which one is your favorite? Head back over to Instagram and let me know which one is your kindred shoe!

Until next time…
Happy Planning!

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