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You’ve Just Discovered Your New Favorite “Non-guilty” Pleasure. 

Whether we talk about luxury destination weddings or intimate overseas company getaways, luxe destination events offer a perfect opportunity to gather—and wow—your guests. But not all destination weddings and events are created equal. After decades of doing this work, there are a handful of things we find all of our favourite overseas events all tend […]

5 Things All of the Best Destination Weddings Have in Common



Join us as we explore Johannesburg in South Africa It’s hard to talk about South Africa without mentioning her largest city: Johannesburg. Join us as we explore Johannesburg in South Africa. The country’s premier industrial and financial metropolis, Johannesburg is a setting teeming with life, energy and industry—making it the perfect place to visit for […]

Join us as we explore Johannesburg



Join us and find out more on How to Make Your African Elopement Memorable. Nothing speaks to my soul quite like an African elopement. With incredibly romantic experiences and breathtaking landscapes at your fingertips, I simply love the deep intimacy and opportunity for connection eloping on this rich continent offers. But how, exactly, do you […]

How to Make Your African Elopement Memorable



Engagement Photo Ideas: 5 Unexpected Indoor Places to Take Couples’ Photos On sandy beaches. In lush forests. Alongside serene lakes. When it comes to engagement photos,  a few outdoor settings tend to take the cake…over and over again. But I’m all for thinking outside of the box and choosing an engagement shoot setting that’s true […]

Unexpected Engagement Photo Ideas



When it comes to places to stay in Marrakech—the fourth largest city in Morocco and a settingthat’s an undeniably perfect culmination of all of North Africa’s exotic charm—the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech truly knows no equal. From lush gardens and unrivalled amenities toincredible spa treatments and restorative activities—this luxury resort offers everything youneed for a […]

A Dream of a Stay at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech



Here’s Everything You Need to Know Of all the things I’ve produced in my two decades as an event planner and creative director, there is one undertaking that feels like the truest representation of my heart and soul: Fifty Four Magazine. Today, then, I’m so thrilled to share with you the news that Fifty Four […]

Fifty Four Magazine Issue No. 1 Has Officially Launched



Join me as we explore Cape Town in South Africa – Even if you know very little about the African continent, you’ve likely heard of Cape Town. It’s a vibrant, welcoming, safe locale—teeming with beautiful beaches, lovely weather, and a thriving nightlife scene—making it an ideal spot to visit for both local Africans and international […]

Cape Town in South Africa



Getting Real About Guest Experience: 6 Elements that Make a Major Impact at Your Destination Wedding As someone who’s planned and produced destination weddings for nearly two decades, I can confidently say there is one thing that, without fail, makes or breaks an event: guest experience. But what exactly does guest experience even mean—and, more […]

Getting Real About Guest Experience: 6 Elements that Make a Major Impact at Your Destination Wedding



When it comes to places to stay in Johannesburg, few can rival the privacy, amenities, and service you’ll find at AtholPlace House & Villa. Whether you’re sneaking away to Johannesburg for a restorative girls’ trip or to host an intimate micro-wedding, I have a feeling you’ll love AtholPlace and the experience it offers just as […]

A Luxe Stay at AtholPlace House and Villa in Johannesburg



How to Freshen Up Your Spring Wedding: 3 Expert Wedding Design Tips Ah, is there anything more dreamy and hopeful than a spring wedding? With winter gloom officially in the rear-view mirror, fresh flowers in full bloom, and love abound in the fresh air—I love the possibility and promise a spring wedding offers. But with […]

How to Freshen Up Your Spring Wedding