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Ta-Nehisi Coates’ The Water Dancer is a richly descriptive and detailed picture of thehorrors of slavery, the deliberate practice of breaking up families and lovingrelationships, and the psychological trauma this inflicts. At the core of this deeplyemotional novel is the innately human desire for freedom, family, and love—as,through the art of fiction, it tells the […]

The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates



The Postcard is one of my favourite reads from author Zoë Folbigg, who also happensto be a great friend. It’s a sequel to Folbigg’s The Note, which is such a gentle story thatmade all of my worries vanish as I drifted into the imaginary world of its pages. It tellsthe story of a woman named […]

‘The Postcard’ by Zoë Folbigg



Meet Maleé, a Clean African Beauty Brand We’re Loving As someone who has spent my career advocating for my home country of Zambia and working to help the world esteem all of Africa in higher regard, I am constantly on the hunt for brands that share in that same passion. From home-goods companies to African […]

Beauty with Purpose

Fashion and Lifestyle


Join me as we explore Cape Town in South Africa – Even if you know very little about the African continent, you’ve likely heard of Cape Town. It’s a vibrant, welcoming, safe locale—teeming with beautiful beaches, lovely weather, and a thriving nightlife scene—making it an ideal spot to visit for both local Africans and international […]

Cape Town in South Africa



Ah, I remember reading this book in secondary school—but, of course, it didn’t quite resonate with me then in the way it does today, through the eyes of an adult who has experienced life and can now appreciate the essence of the great Maya Angelou’s writing. Her recollection of how her child innocence was stolen […]

I know why the caged bird sings



Getting Real About Guest Experience: 6 Elements that Make a Major Impact at Your Destination Wedding As someone who’s planned and produced destination weddings for nearly two decades, I can confidently say there is one thing that, without fail, makes or breaks an event: guest experience. But what exactly does guest experience even mean—and, more […]

Getting Real About Guest Experience: 6 Elements that Make a Major Impact at Your Destination Wedding



When it comes to places to stay in Johannesburg, few can rival the privacy, amenities, and service you’ll find at AtholPlace House & Villa. Whether you’re sneaking away to Johannesburg for a restorative girls’ trip or to host an intimate micro-wedding, I have a feeling you’ll love AtholPlace and the experience it offers just as […]

A Luxe Stay at AtholPlace House and Villa in Johannesburg



How to Freshen Up Your Spring Wedding: 3 Expert Wedding Design Tips Ah, is there anything more dreamy and hopeful than a spring wedding? With winter gloom officially in the rear-view mirror, fresh flowers in full bloom, and love abound in the fresh air—I love the possibility and promise a spring wedding offers. But with […]

How to Freshen Up Your Spring Wedding



How to Design an Organic Outdoor Wedding Reception that Blends Seamlessly with Nature As someone who’s been immersed in the world of experience-rich destination weddings for nearly two decades, I find few indoor weddings can compete with the beauty, depth, and design opportunities an outdoor wedding reception allows for. With lush foliage, wide-open skies, and […]

How to Design an Organic Outdoor Wedding Reception



Jamie Holmes’ Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing brings together several different cognitive theories to help understand how different individuals deal with ambiguous information. While some individuals have a high need for context, others are more comfortable when new information doesn’t neatly fit into their current understanding of the world. I found this to be […]

Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing