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Elevate a Small Beach Wedding with this Must-Use Approach


For the ocean-lovers and water adventurers out there who are newly engaged, it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of searching for the best beach weddings or the ultimate beach wedding locations where you can tie in your love for the ocean with your love for beauty and adventure.

Before you begin searching for private beaches to get married on or all-inclusive beach wedding packages, I’d love to encourage you to pause and do this one thing, however. 

Of all of the advice out there for how to elevate a beach wedding or what elements you can add to create an immersive experience, this is the very first step you should take. 

I want you to think through the actual aesthetic and style you want present at your wedding—like really think through it before you look at any more locations—because that aesthetic and style should absolutely inform the kind of beaches you search for and the locations you look at.

Because I cater to the luxury wedding market in London and around the world as a destination wedding planner, my clients are often looking for ways to elevate the ambiance of their weddings so they truly engage all of the senses. If you’re planning a beach wedding, you can do this by adding an abundance of florals, candles, and creating seating areas with lush floor pillows and rugs, but another way you can do this without bringing in a ton of extras is to select your beach location carefully by beginning with the aesthetic in mind, especially if you’re having a small beach wedding. 

Think through what kind of textures and elements you want present on the beach. Do you want your beach wedding to have a tropical, nautical or fine art feel? Do you want white sandy beaches, clear blue waters or raw coastlines with rugged cliffs and little human interference? What do you value? Is it seclusion or popular hot spots?

Finding a beach that already has an abundance of natural elements, qualities, and texture that fits your style is one of the simplest ways to elevate a beach wedding. To see how this can be done, take a look at this fine art photography wedding shoot in Uluwatu, Bali. 

Do you see how the jagged rock formations add texture? Notice how the neutral shades of the rock against the pastels of the wedding dress create a fine art aesthetic. 

The abundance of moss, water pools and caves depict an understated, natural beauty that pairs so perfectly against the lace wedding gown with its vintage long-sleeves and high collared neckline. This beach oozes seclusion, natural beauty, and untouched allure. It would be the perfect location for couples who value exactly that.

It’s as if this beach was made for this dress which was made for this beautiful woman.

For the couple who values rugged coastlines, lots of texture, natural beauty, and organic elements this is the perfect example of how selecting the beach with the end in mind can completely elevate the entire ambiance and experience of a beach wedding. And for the bride who wants something a little different, hopefully, this demonstrates just how much you can change the experience of your wedding by changing the beach.

And as always, if you’re looking for a beach wedding planner or a luxury wedding planner in London, I’d love to chat. Reach out to me via my contact page to discuss your wedding vision and needs.

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Photography Credits:
Stepan Vrzala |

Model | @ordoamorisart

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