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One of the Best Flower Farms in Africa For Luxury Wedding Flowers


Luxury wedding flowers | Have you ever dreamed of walking through fields of flowers; or getting to trace your fingers across hundreds of soft rose petals?

Recently, I had the immense privilege of basking in the sweet aroma of one of Africa’s top sustainable flower farms (who I’ve worked with many times in the past) and soaking up the kindness of its founder—a phenomenal woman full of humility, strength, and inspiration.

On this generous and personal tour of the Tambuzi luxury wedding flowers farm, I got an up-close and in-depth look at what it takes to grow these high-demand, high-quality roses and flowers. My visit reaffirmed why I love to collaborate with Tambuzi for the floral designs for my weddings and events. Not only do they run a heart-centered and impactful business with a stunning product, but they are always incredibly supportive of the wedding industry and elevating Africa.

Tambuzi Flower Farm Owner Located in Kenya who provides Luxury Wedding Flowers

Meet Tambuzi Roses and its Founder

Tambuzi is an ethically-run, Kenyan flower farm with a goal to produce the finest garden scented roses. They are the only specialist supplier of garden scented roses in Africa. Tambuzi grows 25 hectares of roses and flowers at their original site along with additional hectares where complimentary production of sustainable forestry, livestock and bees takes place.

The founders, Tim and Maggie Hobbs, stumbled upon the farm on the foothills of Mount Kenya in the mid-1990s. It’s a mere miles from the Equator which makes it the perfect climate for growing flowers, but at the time it was a dairy and beef farm in poor condition, neglect and up for sale.

The young couple bought it and transformed it into the largest employer within a 20-mile radius—now employing over 500 people—and the specialist traditional garden scented rose farm that it is today.

Tambuzi Flower Farm Owner Located in Kenya who provides Luxury Wedding Flowers

Employment is One of the Largest Opportunity to Combat Poverty in Kenya

In my time with Maggie, I saw how passionate she is about helping people, uplifting Africa and doing good in the world. She models the values behind the business and is truly genuine. She really believes in the idea of “Trade Not Aid” for Africa and does everything in her power to hire people rather than mechanise.

Tambuzi employs over 500 people full-time who have, on average, between 6-10 dependents and they’ve calculated they directly benefit around 3,000 people. 80% of their employees live within walking distance of the farm and I had the privilege of speaking to many of them on my visit. They echo the company’s heart and pay such careful attention to the flowers and their delicacy.

Pursuing the Carbon Neutral Gold Standard and Positive Social Impact

Tambuzi was recently featured in the COP 25 in Madrid as the first flower farm in the world to join the participation process to aim to achieve the carbon neutral gold standard. This means Tambuzi is working towards climate neutrality by addressing their very own climate footprint. This is just one of the many reasons I adore this company.

Luxury Wedding Flowers | Tambuzi Flower Farm

The Founder of a Luxury Wedding Flowers Farm Becomes a Friend

The founder, Maggie, collaborated with me on my Karen Tran Masterclass in Zambia and it was a dream to get to visit her on her own turf. Maggie graciously hosted me for a stay and spoiled me with delicious food, warmth and hospitality. I was so grateful to get to hear more of her story, see more of her passion unfold and take a look at the amazing company she’s created to grow some of the most beautiful florals on the planet.

Tambuzi is the flower farm that I’ve always loved for luxury event florals and it was those florals…

… that lead me to their founder…
…who turned into a very dear friend.

Tambuzi Flower Farm Owner Located in Kenya who provides Luxury Wedding Flowers

Until next time…
Happy Planning!

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