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Top 3 Winter Wedding Makeup Pairings


When you’ve shunned the standard summer wedding in favour of a winter wonderland wedding, classic makeup in neutral tones just won’t do. If your wedding is scheduled close to Christmas, you need to shine! Think bold, think glitter and definitely think daring, my love! A guest blog with Mya…

“Bold, monochromatic makeup and vampy lips are all incentive enough to stand out in that gorgeous bridal dress.”

So, without further ado, let’s unpack 3 gorgeous and easily attainable Christmas bridal looks you can rock on your special day. 


When it comes to a winter wedding makeup, it doesn’t get any more iconic than red lips and gold glitter eyes. These are two of the biggest shades associated with the festive season.  

As a bride, you don’t need to shy away from glitter. There is a way to wear glitter that feels not only glam but also bridal. To achieve this gorgeous eye makeup look, start with a primer. This is important to make sure your eye makeup doesn’t move. Glitter has a habit of getting everywhere, so make sure you hold a piece of tissue underneath each eye while you’re applying so you can mop up any spills. Also, consider putting translucent powder down and then brush it all away with the excess glitter when you’re all done.

While nude lips are practical for a wedding, you can definitely carefully and meticulously rock a classic red. And, if bright lipstick is your signature, definitely incorporate it into your wedding day look.


Winter Wedding Makeup
Winter Wedding Makeup
Winter Wedding Makeup

When it comes to wedding day makeup, I’m a really big advocate of the ‘less is more’ technique. But getting married is a very big deal and nothing says sultry like the glamorous smoky eye. 

While removing that smokey eye makeup the next morning (because whose going to prioritise that on her wedding night), can be a bit tedious.  Here’s a great tip. Use coconut oil! Coconut oil is not only a great makeup remover when used with a cotton wool ball or pad, but it also nourishes and hydrates your face at the same time!

When you pair a smokey eye with a soft peach or plum lip, it complements your look without drawing attention away from your eyes. It gives your look that. A light plum lipstick or lipgloss carries that deep winter look while still being subtle enough that it doesn’t compete with your eyes.


Winter Wedding Makeup

If you are a more subdued bride, you can still wear a gold eye shadow look by keeping the rest of your makeup wedding-classic (i.e. full coverage foundation, pinky nude lipstick, pop of blush and defined brows). 

To get the right nude lips, start by making sure they’re soft and supple. First, use a lip exfoliator or a homemade sugar scrub with a soft toothbrush to brush dead skin cells away. 

Then apply your balm and give it plenty of time to soak in while you do the rest of your makeup regime. 

Next, use a lip liner to “overline” your lips slightly. This gives them a fuller appearance. Once you’ve added your nude lip shade and gloss over the top, dab a touch of highlighter to the centre of your bottom lip so that it’s light-reflecting and appears bigger.

These gorgeous winter wedding makeup pairings are not only full of bridal glam, but they’re also festive, which honors your Christmas wedding celebration.

Remember, the winter days naturally leave your skin thirstier so be sure to update your skincare regime leading up to your big day. Don’t try a lot of new products to avoid irritation, just swap a couple of things to make your skin as plump and moisturised as possible. It will make all the difference in creating a flawless canvas for your wedding day.

And as always, if you’re looking for a Christmas wedding planner for Christmas 2020 and beyond, I’d love to chat about your wedding vision and needs. Reach out to me via my contact page.

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